For some reason :bnext is not cycling though all the buffers shown by :buffers

I have 5 buffers open but only 3 buffers are visited when I used :bnext repeatedly.

How can I cycle through all the open buffers in vim?


You may be seeing this special behavior documented under :help :bnext:

  If you are in a help buffer, this takes you to the next help
  buffer (if there is one).  Similarly, if you are in a normal
  (non-help) buffer, this takes you to the next normal buffer.
  This is so that if you have invoked help, it doesn't get in
  the way when you're browsing code/text buffers.

To include them in the navigation, use :setlocal buftype=

Unlisted buffers aren't considered by :bnext, neither (cp. :help 'buflisted'). But for those to show up in the buffer list, you'd have to use :buffers!.

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