Since I new to redhat ver 6 linux I wanted to know how I can configure our web server that is running redhat to used out exchange 2010 relay. I already configure our exchange 2010 to allow our web server to used it as relay. How can I view the current settings or how can I configure our web server to used the smtp protocol. What are the commands to do this


The "mail" command will try to run /usr/sbin/sendmail locally to deliver the email message. "mail" is a MUA (Mail User Agent), while sendmail is a MTA (Mail Transport Agent).

If you want "mail" to deliver to a fixed relay, you can either install sendmail and configure that to do what you want, or alternatively install "ssmtp" which is specifically designed for this task. It installs itself as /usr/sbin/sendmail so that "mail" can run it as usual. I believe "ssmtp" is not included in Red Hat, but I'm sure that an RPM should be available somewhere. See here for a description of ssmtp.

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