I would like to copy a directory of files from a remote server to my local machine. As it is a large number of files, the option of ignoring existing files is desirable.
Unfortunately, rsync is not available for some reason (the remote server is from a CDN service, and beyond my control).

So I think I am stuck using scp -r on the folder in question.

Is there anyway of doing this while ignoring existing files?

  • Do you need to check file dates / sizes or is the file existing good enough? – Caleb Jul 7 '11 at 6:46

SSHFS allows you to mount a remote directory accessed over SSH, more precisely over SFTP. Once you've mounted the remote directory, use rsync on what are now local files.

mkdir ~/cdn
sshfs cdn.example.com: ~/cdn
rsync -au ~/mystuff/dir/ ~/cdn/dir/

You could login remotely to create a list of existing files, then use that locally to create a list of files that need to be transfered and build an scp command to send them over.


you can open the file manager like nautilus in ubuntu

and choose File->connect to Server...

insert the host address like this: sftp://hostname

insert the username and password

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