I was trying to extend my root partition when I realised that I was not on my liveCD. But I already wrote the fdisk table. After rebooting, the filesystem is corrupted.

I tried to restore the fdisk with the old values which I took in picture with my phone. My problem is that my /dev/sda1 didn't end on a cylinder boundary.

How to restore a fdisk table specifying blocks instead of cylinder to restore my filesystem ?

Do you need the fdisk pictures ?


I found it on my own using TestDisk!

This tool is very usefull and the steps to use it are straight forward :

  1. Download the last GParted live disk : http://gparted.org/livecd.php.
  2. Boot on it (if you are using vmware Player, you can't do that, you have to switch to vmware workstation which adds a boot on BIOS where you can change VM boot options).
  3. GParted live OS boots and let you launch a Terminal.
  4. Run testdisk with command line and follow the very simple instructions (I just needed to run a quick search and hit enter to rewrite the fdisk table and reboot).

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