I'm using Xubuntu 14.04 and typing on a keyboard without "Windows" and "context menu" keys (Unicomp Model M). Currently, I get context menu (mouse right-click) with Shift+F10, but when touch-typing, I often miss F10 key. I wanted to create keyboard shortcut (Alt+F1) for context menu, so when I opened keyboard settings in Xfce I expected to find definition of that shortcut (like I did for Whisker Menu, which I remapped to Alt+`), but it wasn't there.


I'd be curious also to find out where this shortcut is defined.

In the meantime you could do it with a combination of xbindkeys and xdotool.
Try with this in your .xbindkeysrc:

"xdotool key --clearmodifiers 'shift+F10'"
  Alt + F1
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