If I install OpenBSD 4.9, when will I have to upgrade to 5.0? When will the 4.9 release no longer be supported by the OBSD teams?

  • on openbsd.org/errata47.html it says: 013: SECURITY FIX: February 16, 2011 and openbsd.org/48.html says: Released Nov 1, 2010 - so I have to upgrade my 4.9 when 5.1 comes out? So in short the version support for OpenBSD is at least 1 year for a given version? Jul 6, 2011 at 10:18
  • Probably not the best place to ask this. OpenBSD releases new major version every six months, if it helps you in any way, so 5.0 is due somewhere this fall.
    – alex
    Jul 6, 2011 at 11:20

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The security support for a given version in OpenBSD is 1 year.

From the FAQ:

You will also note that in the above example, the 4.6-stable branch came to an end with 4.8-release, and the 4.7-stable branch came to an end with 4.9-release -- old releases are typically supported up to two releases back.


Make sure to join critical OpenBSD mailing lists to be made aware of upgrades and fixes.


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