A lot of years ago I was using kde/konqueror and one nice feature was the ability to open man and info pages using man:// and info:// as url protocol, I never checked but guess man/info pages were converted on the fly with some man2html.

Nowadays I'm using chromium (Debian/unstable) as primary browser, any way to get same feature?


I logically thought about extensions (some link below) but found not much about handling custom protocols, injecting a javascript on a file:// is trivial but most of man pages on my system are gzipped, the chrome extension framework seems to assume you're loading a valid file (page), found nothing about intercepting and run something before the url is loaded.

Execute a program from a Chrome Extension

Custom protocol handler in chrome

Convert all Linux man pages to text / html or markdown

I'm now thinking about a fuse filesystem, should be relatively easy, plus would work with any browser.

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