As discussed in AIX 7.1 Files Reference, the login.cfg file contains two types of stanzas:

  • port: Defines the login characteristics of ports.
  • user configuration: Defines programs that change user attributes.

Examples of port stanzas include default, /dev/tty0, and /dev/console.

Is there an AIX command which lists all defined ports in login.cfg?

Something like:

awk -v RS='' '/^[^*]+:/ {print $1}' $LoginCFG |\
  grep -v '^[[:blank:]]*usw:' |\
    cut -d: -f1

might work, but is there a better way to do this? (say, a special command)


I don't know about special command but I think you should try a different regexp:

awk '/^.*:$/ {print $1}' $LoginCFG | cut -d ':' -f 1

It works fine for my login.cfg file:

    sak_enabled = true
    herald = "login to tty0:"

    logindisable = 3
    sak_enabled = false
    logintimes =
    logininterval = 0
    loginreenable = 0
    logindelay = 0
    minsl = IMPL_LO
    maxsl = “TS ALL”
    tl    = TS

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