Using Samba, as a domain controller, I need to add Windows machines as users (in /etc/passwd), and to the Samba database as a machine. In the /etc/passwd file, I noticed about half the machines have a shell of /bin/sh, the other half have /bin/false.

I would prefer them all to be /bin/false, but only if that's acceptable, and the recommended way. Is there any security or functional restrictions to the machine account having /bin/false instead of /bin/sh? Currently, we are using Samba 3 on Debian Wheezy.

An example set of entries below:


(note: none of the home folders exist)


It's not only acceptable, but also preferable to have them have /bin/false as a login shell, else someone could actually long onto the system and get shell access.

Remember to pass -s /bin/false to useradd to set the login shell to /bin/false

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