I've tried to list the size of subdirectories of the directory home just taking the files with pdf extension.

I tried the next

ls $home -d /* | xargs du -sb --exclude="!(*.pdf)"

Is there any --include option for du? or what should be the right pattern in the exclude option?

find ~ -type f -iname "*.pdf" -exec du -sh {} \;

-exec runs programs being you mentioned via {} , Indeed you say to find command such as:

du -sh   *.pdf  

-type specifiy type of file , f mentioned to regular file.

And ~ mentioned to path base path of search.

-iname mentioned to Incasentisive search.

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  • You have been around long enough to know that posting a solitary command is not often considered the most helpful thing to do. Consider expanding your post with some explanation or links to helpful resources that support your solution. – HalosGhost Oct 6 '14 at 19:54

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