Is there a way to yank the address of the active directory within vifm?

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    What research have you done thus far? What has that shown? – slm Oct 5 '14 at 22:57

You can do the following command in vifm's command prompt:

:!echo %d %S

Where the following is occurring:

  • !echo - calls the shell's echo command
  • %d - (%d %"d) - full path to current directory. (vifm-%d)
  • %S - show command output in the status bar. (vifm-%S)

This results in the current directory being displayed:




The key combination yd will yank the current directory path into the clipboard. This keyboard mapping is defined in the default .vimrc file that is included in the vifm package. You need to have xclip installed, otherwise the predifined mapping won't work.

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