Is this possible? For example, if I'm in ~/Folder1/Folder2, is there a way for me to copy to the clipboard the text string ~/Folder1/Folder2?


And if you are too lazy to perform all the steps Gilles outlined you could install the following Nautilus script to copy the path of the active directory with a hotkey:


# Copy current directory to clipboard
# Dependencies: xclip

echo "$PWD" | xclip -selection c

For installation instructions and a tutorial on how to set up a key binding for your script please check out my answer over at Ask Ubuntu.


Press Ctrl+L to focus a widget to edit the current directory, then Ctrl+C to copy the path and Esc to cancel.

If you right-click on an item, use the “Copy” menu entry, and paste into a text box, that pastes the path to the file.

With Nautilus 3.4.2, you can right-click on an item the button bar at the top that shows the path to the current directory and use the “Copy” menu entry.

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