When I wanted to know how long systemd actually needed to boot the default target, how would I do that ? An then, is it possible to create a graph to show which unit takes how much time to initialize and to what degree they are run in parallel ?


Use systemd-analyze built-in tool. You are especially interested in two options: blame and plot

systemd-analyze blame
systemd-analyze plot > graph.svg
  • blame: Print list of running units ordered by time to init
  • plot: Output SVG graphic showing service initialization
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To find out how long it takes for the system to boot, systemd provides systemd-analyze. Without parameters, it will tell you the time to boot.

Calling systemd-analyze critical-chain will print a tree of the chain of services that took the longest, while systemd-analyze blame will tell you how long each service took independently. Finally, systemd-analyze plot > boot.svg will create a little graph that shows everything nicely.

If you want fancier graphs, the Arch Linux wiki has a good article on using Bootchart, which as its name implies, creates boot graphs.

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