Here's my setup. I have a private network with one public IPv4 address. On this private network, I have two servers, and .10 is my ssh bastion host. I have set up port forwarding so that I can ssh to this server from the internet. I have also set up my ssh config on my workstation so that I can ssh to from the internet as well, via Workstation is not on the private network, it is a machine on the internet.

Here is my goal: I want to be able to connect to an http service on via internet, from my workstation, (just by hitting localhost:8080 or similar) but tunneled over ssh. What tunnel(s) do I need to set up, and on what machines?


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From your workstation set up tunneling via:

ssh -L8080: server10

Where "server10" is the public name you use to reach

This will listen locally on port 8080 and forward any data to from the target host.

An alternative is using the -D option for ssh for setting up a socks proxy. This will allow you to reach each port on each host, but you have to configure your application to use that proxy.

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