My preferred desktop environment lately has been Lxde. I like handling most things from the command line, so Gnome and KDE always seem to get in my way more than I like. But I do envy some of the new window manager features. Openbox does a pretty good job (and with lxde it does slightly better).

But, I would really like to have dynamic keybindings at times and smarter window tiling/auto-arrangement. Static configs just don't quite cut it sometimes. It seems like some python hooks would do the trick, but I haven't had much luck finding support for it.

I was hoping someone knows of a python project that ties into openbox or some other compliant window manager. I've seen some newer WMs (qtile for instance) but I am a bit weary of its age/reliability.

I really don't need widget support and all that jazz, just looking for scriptable keybindings, and a semi-pleasant wrapper around window control. Do you know of any such projects? or am I looking at python/xlib solution?

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Depending on how much effort you want to put into it, looking at PLWM or Qtile might be worthwhile. Then there is also PyWM, which seems to be "stable" at this moment.

Last but not least, looking around on the internet doesn't seem to be that hopeless: for example this blog looks as possibly useful.

If you are not insisting on Python, there are some WMs that are extensible in Lua.

  • I am trying not to completely replace the traditional WM, if possible (any blackbox derivative would be great). I noticed some of the pure python WMs, but that is why my title mentioned extensions (as opposed to complete rewrites). PLWM is at least in the Deb7 repositories, so I will take a closer look at it for sure. Commented Oct 3, 2014 at 11:03

I think this is exactly what I wanted, PyWO.

Only depends on python-xlib and claims to work with any EWMH compatible manager (openbox included!). Have not tested yet, but these are the features I wanted (drop in extension as opposed to a clobber everything replacement).

Pure py WMs seem cool, but I dont want to manage everything, only those few windowing features that make development life a little less painless.

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