I have ubuntu 14.04 installed on a computer with a built-in wifi and also a usb wifi. I want to run hostapd on built-in wifi to act as an access point though no connection will be established with it. I only need it to read signal levels from another device.

when I enter the following on terminal I am able to see the built-in wifi as an access point;

sudo nmcli nm wifi off
sudo rfkill unblock wlan
sudo service hostapd start

but since this turns off all the wireless connection, my internet connection with the usb dongle also is lost. I am able to enable it back with

sudo nmcli nm wifi on

but then the built-in wifi stops acting as an access point(not visible to other wireless devices anymore) even though iwconfig still shows the interface in master mode.

Is what i am trying to achieve impossible? 2 wireless interfaces, one in managed mode connected to internet and another one in master mode acting as an access point?

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After the commands above, restarting the hostapd did the trick.

sudo service hostapd restart

Now the internal wifi works as an access point and the usb dongle is connected to another access point providing internet connection.

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