I run Enlightenment 18.8 on Funtoo.

Sometimes I want to run a second X server (usually because I'm running a game or other app which might mess up my screen layout). For this I use simply startx -- :1.

My .xinitrc is set up to launch fluxbox in that new X server (using exec startfluxbox).

It used to be that after starting the second server I could switch between the two using Ctrl+Alt+F7 and Ctrl+Alt+F8. However, lately it seems that in the second (fluxbox) server none of the Ctrl+Alt+Fn keys have any effect. The only way to get out is to exit fluxbox entirely, at which point I am returned to the enlightenment desktop (where virtual desktop switching works as expected).

Any ideas as to why virtual desktop switching might not work in the second X server?

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