I have a problem with my wifi internet connection that is secured by WPA. I have moved to a new location. I had set up a working internect connection but lost the connection after about an hour and this has happened more than once. I cannot simply reboot and run the same commands again as it does not work. The last thing that worked was setting up a minimal configuration file and then start it:

wpa_passphrase MYSSID passphrase > /etc/wpa_supplicant/example.conf
wpa_supplicant -B -i interface -c /etc/wpa_supplicant/example.conf
dhcpcd interface

as it is discribed in the wiki. At first it works but then I got a sudden disconnect and since then I just cannot reconnect even after several reboots. I have tried wifi-menu and netctl as well. I do not get any error messages and after running dhcpcd I have got a ordinary IP, the gatway and DNS are similar to the output on other machines that have a conenction. My windows phone and Win7 has no conenction problems. And before that I never had any problems with that. The only thing is that there now is no IPv6 Routers available.

Edit: lspci gives me:

Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Wirelss-N 105 (rev c4)

lsmod gives me:

Module     Used     Used by   
iwlwifi    1        iwldvm
cfg80211   3        iwlwifi, mac80211, iwldum

If I change my mac address I get another IP. I cannot ping anything and and cannot get pinged by others. The only thing I can do is ping myself. :D

Any help is appreciated.

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