I heard that bash-3.2-33.el5_10.4 is a CVE-7169 patch for CentOS 5.
So I found an announcement from CentOS website below.

Now I'm wondering, According to below description, bash-3.2.-33.el5_10.4 is for CentOS 5.10. Then, is that OK if I install bash-3.2.-33.el5_10.4 into CentOS 5.8??

Note: The above RPMS, built with the ".el5_10" dist tag are built against CentoS-5.10 for CentOS-5.10. The source code was not modified, but the packages in the build root are the current CentOS-5.10 packages.

There is also a set of packages built against the upcoming CentOS-5.11 with a ".el5_11" dist tag that will be an upgrade when 5.11 is released and all the packages in that build root are from the upcoming CentOS-5.11 release. The ".el5_11" announcement and package will be done as a zero-day update to CentOS-5.11.

We wanted to get the Important bash update out for 5.10 while also getting the proper packages out for 5.11 as well, so this was the solution.


Almost certainly a .el5_10 or .el5_11 binary bash rpm will install on a .el5_8 box.

Try-and-see by doing cd /tmp rpm2cpio bash*.rpm |cpio -dim and then try to run bash cd /tmp ./bin/bash

If you can execute bash, then you can try to install the package: rpm -Uvh bash*.rpm

Worst that happens is that the upgrade will fail for other reasons.

  • Thank you for you answer. However, I'm not curious just about this rpm. As you know, CVE-7169 is critical problems, so I think there should be every type of CentOS versions. But there is only one rpm file for CentOS 5.10. Why is that? Here is CVE-2014-7169 patch links. lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-announce/2014-September/…
    – tiratano
    Sep 30 '14 at 8:00

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