Is there an exhaustive list of the tokens that openbox config xml files recognize for keybindings? e.g.

  • F1 = F1
  • ...
  • W = Windows
  • C = CTRL

I'm specifically interested in how openbox differentiates between the standalone Delete key and the . Del key on the number pad (but I would really like that exhaustive list if it exists).

There isn't anything in the openbox man page and apparently openbox.org hates me because I keep getting 403 Forbidden when I try to go there.


The page you want is Help:Bindings (accessible in the Wayback Machine as the site is currently not working. Similar information is also available in the manual. The recognized modifiers are:

S Shift key
C Control key
A Alt key
W Super key (Usually bound to the Windows key on keyboards which have one)
M Meta key
H Hyper key (If it is bound to something)

The key names are the standard X11 key names (keysyms), the same that you can find in the xmodmap or XKB configuration. You can check which keysym a key or key combination sends with the xev command: run it in a terminal, type in the xev window and watch the KeyPress events. You can find a list of all known keysyms in /usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h.

The standalone Delete sends Delete. The keypad ./Del<.kbd> key sends KP_Delete or KP_Decimal depending on the Num Lock and Shift states.

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