So I want to get started with linux. I started reading a few books on it and they have taught me a good amount. Now in an example on one of the books it shows this command:

apt-cache search screenshot | grep KDE

So now im wondering, as I plan to install Mint Cinnamon, would I replace the KDE with GNOME and would I be able to install a KDE application on GNOME. Thanks

(Cinnamon is basically a custom GNOME 3.x right?)

  • YES kde software can be put on GNOME and vice versa. GNOME Software can be put on KDE. As a side note screenshot only an app. GNOME uses screenshot, and KDE uses Shutter or KSnapshot
    – eyoung100
    Sep 27, 2014 at 21:26

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Sure, you can install every package you need install on gnome:

apt-get install k3b

k3b is a CD/DVD burner and Audio ripper.

Of course, on first installation of KDE application such as k3b, apt-get first installs some basic dependencies, for following installations such as kmail or kate, apt-get doen't need to re-install the same dependencies.


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