I'm attempting to connect my Logitech k810 usb keyboard to my Debian Jessie machine.

Connecting using this guide has worked well in the past.

The problem is that a step in the guide requires the package bluez-simple-agent.

Apparently that package is no longer a part of bluez.

How can I install bluez-simple-agent or something equivalent?


I managed to get it working with

bluetoothctl -a

I guess the -a option is the replacement for bluez-simple-agent. From man bluetoothctl:

-a, --agent=CAPABILITY Register agent handler
  • Just had the same problem, but it does not work: bluetoothctl -a hci0 00:07:61:74:56:F0 [NEW] Controller 08:0A:3A:79: blub [default] Failed to register agent: org.bluez.Error.InvalidArguments [bluetooth]#. – hochl Dec 8 '14 at 12:27

On ubuntu 16.04:

I opened blueman from the dash. Set my logitech 810 into pairing mode. Blueman detected it in the gui. Right click to trust keyboard. Right click to setup -> pair. Pairing numbers will pop up on your screen. Type them in and hit enter on Logitch 810. Then it was working.

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