Attempting to boot Funtoo with a debian-sources-3.16.2-3 kernel, in a system where the root file-system lives in a zpool, drops off to the rescue shell after failing to import the pool properly. Does ZFS-on-Linux support linux-kernel versions 3.16.y?

The official related FAQ states:

The current spl/zfs-0.6.3 release supports Linux 2.6.26 - 3.15 kernels.

However, in a related post, someone wrote:

ZoL provides the latest code to all supported kernels and distributions. This ranges from Linux 2.6.26.y to the 3.16.y in 0.6.3 and will include 3.17.y in 0.6.4.


Turns out I had a typo in the the real_root=ZFS= parameter in grub.cfg. After fixing it, the system boot successfully.


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