I'm fiddling with tmux, trying to make it approximate the behavior I've had screen set up for to meet my quite modest terminal needs (I'm no programmer).

I just want it to start a couple of Bash sessions, and one instance of Alpine and one of Newsbeuter. I'm most of the way there, the main problem now being invoking a Python program in one of the Bash sessions at start-up.

The problem is that the Bash session wants to close after the Python program starts, whereas I want the Bash session to remain open so as to get STDOUT output from the Python program in that session.

To do that in screen, I just put the line:

$ screen -t bash1 python2.6 python-prog/prog.py &

NOTE: along with similar lines for the other 3 terminals I want to open on start-up) in .screenrc.

But when I put what seems to me the equivalent in .tmux.conf, i.e., neww -n Bash1 bash python2.6 python-prog/prog.py &, the Bash session in which the Python program was run, closes. Meantime, the other 3 terminals start fine under tmux and remain open.

So, what am I doing wrong here? How can I run that python program and get the bash session to remain open and displaying STDOUT output?

  • man tmux | less -p remain-on-exit – jasonwryan Sep 24 '14 at 3:12

Try splitting the command into two lines in your .tmux.conf

  1. Open the window

    neww -n Bash1 bash
  2. Send the command to the window

    send-keys -t "Bash1" 'python2.6 python-prog/prog.py' Enter
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  • Thank you very much. Yes, that did do the trick. I've been searching all day and could not puzzle out on my own how to do this. – bleepy Sep 24 '14 at 3:16

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