I have setup a variable in .bashrc:

export SOME_DIR=/path/to/some/dir

Now, with ls I can type ls $SOME_DIR[tab] and the variable will be expanded, and I can then use tab for auto-completion when going deeper into the filesystem. However, if I try cd $SOME_DIR[tab] or cd $SOME_DIR/[tab], nothing happens.

Why does this only work with ls? Is it possible to make it work with cd?
I have tried adding shopt -s direxpand to .bashrc, to no effect:

  • I just tried on a couple different systems and the expansion worked with cd exactly as it did with ls. Are you sure you're not losing $SOME_DIR in your testing? Does echo $SOME_DIR still give you what you are expecting?
    – nelsonov
    Sep 24, 2014 at 3:49
  • As you can see, different shells (with different options) on different OSes might perform differently. What shell on what OS/version are you using?
    – Lee-Man
    Jun 2, 2016 at 20:04

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Apparently shopt -s direxpand works with everything except the built-in cd. So I just added alias xy=cd to my profile, and xy works just like cd except direxpand works using TAB. (Who would have thought it would be so simple?)


In Cygwin, I had the same issue and had to enclose the shell variable in quotes. So for example cd $ccc would not expand but cd "$ccc" would, and your cursor is still before the right-hand quote.

  • Sorry, I have to add that "$ccc/" works. You need that ending /
    – Nat Kidder
    Nov 20, 2014 at 14:14

Maybe you don't have directories in /path/to/some/dir/? I just tried cd $SOME_DIR/[tab] on my system and it worked.


The only way to expand the variable for me is to add a slash at the end of it:

$ cd $SOME_DIR[tab] ## fails
$ cd $SOME_DIR/[tab] ## works

I get exactly the same behavior with cd or ls. Could you have added the slash in on and fogoten it in the other?


I get almost the same issue with (old) bash 4.2.37, not with bash 4.3 or 4.4.
That is: expansion works with ls but not with cd.

However, as a helper keybinding, I have defined (from eSpand ):

Ctrl-s in my ~/.inputrc:

Control-s: shell-expand-line

That allows me to type: cd $SOME_DIR and then Ctrl-s to get the variable expanded to:

cd /path/to/some/dir

A keybinding that is equally useful is (from Globbing):

Ctrl-g also in my ~/.inputrc:

Control-g: glob-expand-word

That allows me to type ls b* and then Ctrl-g to get the b* expanded:

$ ls b*<kbd>Ctrl</kbd>-<kbd>s</kbd>
$ ls bash.html_node.tar.gz bash.pdf

Which also allow me to edit the command line and add or remove elements as needed.

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