I read the data sheet of the TI - DM385 , in which they have mentioned as:

ARM Cortex-A8 Core
 - ARMv7 Architecture

What's the difference?

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The Cortex A8 is a specific processor design in the ARM v7 family.

It's like how an Intel Celeron D Processor 325 can be described as a processor in the 64-bit Intel EM64T family, or as a processor in Intel's Northwood-128 family.

That is, an ARM Cortex A8 describes a specific design, whereas ARM v7 describes the CPU instruction set, gives a minimum set of registers, etc.

It's a bit different in the ARM world, where the processor design is licensed by ARM Holdings to multiple CPU design houses, who in turn may use multiple different foundries may produce "Cortex A8" type processors. Nevertheless, "Cortex A8" is a more specific description than "ARM v7".

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