I have a docker container running uhttpd and serving a static HTML page. How can I dynamically insert the hostname of the container into the static HTML page? I want to keep the container as lightweight as possible.


Why not just have a command that runs as part of the container's startup that generates the static HTML page with the hostname within it.

$ cat <<EOF > /path/to/var/www/hostname.html
<p>hostname is: $(hostname)</p>

This command can be placed in /etc/rc.d/rc.local assuming you're using a SysV style of startup scripts. If you're using systemd you can also do the same, but you'll need to enable the service:

$ sudo service rc-local start

This will mark it to run, to make it run per startup:

$ sudo systemctl enable rc-local

If you're using something else, such as Upstart, there are equivalent methods for doing the same things above.


  • Even though I ended up using Apache and PHP, if I had stuck with uhttpd and no PHP I would have done exactly what you suggested. Thanks – user74558 Nov 6 '14 at 4:04

If you are using PHP, you can use the following code:

echo system('hostname')

This will echo the output of the command hostname. Please note that the command system is disabled on many shared hosts for security reasons.

Alternatively, you can use:

echo gethostname();


echo php_uname('n')

For a static page, the easiest way would be to generate the served page from a template replacing a placeholder with whatever the hostname command gives you. Execute that code in the entrypoint of your image.

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The following is a webpage that would display the hostname. This shows the function 'inline' for web programming.

<?php echo gethostname(); ?>

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