I am running an Ubuntu system.

My hardware is very new.

I want to ask what is the role of Bios in saying if system is compatible with Linux or not?

My machine (clevo p570wm) runs perfect on Windows 8 When i run Ubuntu it just hangs in between

My laptop maker says they don't support Ubuntu , so how to find what is needed to make my laptop run Ubuntu

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  • If you have UEFI security boot, it will refuse to boot any untrusted kernel or boot loader – 炸鱼薯条德里克 Apr 16 at 16:45

I found this site which gives the answer to your question.

An excerpt:

Bootstrap Loader - Locate the operating system. If a capable operating system is located, the BIOS will pass control to it.

From this we can say that there is no role of Bios in saying that system is compatible with linux or not, as long as the operating system is installed properly.

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