How can I download all FreeBSD distfiles into /usr/ports/distfiles so that I have them for offline use? I realize it will be a huge download.

I remember reading how to do this (possibly in the Handbook) but I can't seem to find it anymore.


Just my luck, right after I posted this question I found an answer.

make fetch-recursive

Here's the applicable info from the Handbook:

For users who cannot be connected to the Internet all the time, make fetch can be run within /usr/ports, to fetch all distfiles, or within a category, such as /usr/ports/net, or within the specific port skeleton. Note that if a port has any dependencies, running this command in a category or ports skeleton will not fetch the distfiles of ports from another category. Instead, use make fetch-recursive to also fetch the distfiles for all the dependencies of a port.

This was very hard to find using Google so hopefully this question and answer will help posterity. Sorry for turning this into a blog post of sorts.

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