I am trying to emulate an enviroment that has centos5 and tomcat6 (for some reason), which is a problem because there are no RPMs for tomcat6 which are compatible with centos5 available to me. I do have the source for tomcat6 and I can build it from source.

However, I have a number of RPMs which I would like to use that are dependent on tomcat6. I know they will run on centos5 and should work if installed. However, they won't install because even if I did install tomcat6 the RPMs would think it was not installed due to tomcat6 RPM not being installed, only the code.

Is there a way to express to RPM/yum that I have built the program as source and it should move on and do the install anyways? I know I can just force the install, but is there a more elegant approach?

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    no, its easiest to simply force the install assuming you generated an RPM package for the tomcat.
    – mdpc
    Sep 19, 2014 at 20:49

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So you have unsatisfied dependencies that you need to stub out.

Make a dummy package that supplies the missing Provides: is the general approach.

(aside) RPM5 (this isn't you) also permits Requires: to be stubbed out using a configuration file /etc/rpm/sysinfo/Providename.

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