Is it possible to use the tput command in order to place the dialog window on the top of the screen ?

For example The following dialog command display the log is running by tail command

     dialog --tailbox file.log 10 100

by default dialog window is placed in the central of the screen

but I want to place the dialog window on the top , not in the central

please advice How to do that??

about tput command:

   The  tput utility uses the terminfo database to make the values of terminal- dependent capabilities and informa-
   tion available to the shell (see sh(1)), to initialize or reset the terminal, or  return the long  name  of  the
   requested terminal type.  The result depends upon the capabilityâs type:

tput is useless for this purpose. Use dialog's --begin option, f.e. --begin 0 0 will place the window at top left corner of the terminal.

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