My virsh version

I created a Volume Group Pool via virsh.

virsh pool-define-as vg1 logical --source-name vg --target /dev/vg

Bad thing is, that /dev/vg does not exist, I made a typo.

I tried to delete the pool by

virsh pool-delete vg

which resulted in

error: Failed to delete pool vg1
error: internal error Child process (/sbin/vgremove -f vg) unexpected exit status 5:   Volume group "vg" not found

so how do I remove this misconfigured pool?

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One can delete a pool without VolumeGroup like this:

The files are stored in


as XML files. Just delete them.

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    If the pool was created in a user-session, the pool might be located in $HOME/.config/libvirt/storage instead.
    – timss
    Jul 31, 2016 at 14:22

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