My embedded device is not working after updating firmware. Thus I tried to update firmware using u-boot. I could successfully get u-boot console via serial connection, but updating firmware failed due to the lack of knowledge on firmware update using u-boot.

At last, I not only corrupted linux kernel but also u-boot while modifying the device flash memory (u-boot command supports flash memory modification). Booting device no longer gives u-boot console. It just stops (I can see it through the serial connection).

In this situation, how can I recover(or update) firmware on my device?

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If available (ie. if there's a JTAG header on your board) , you can connect using a JTAG cable.

Remember: Before using it you might need to enable JTAG using Test Mode Select Input (sometimes a jumper somewhere).

You can then use that connection to upload a new firmware into your device.

  • Could you let me know useful link for JTAG tutorial? – freddy Sep 19 '14 at 6:49

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