How can I use the diff command to compare 2 commands' outputs?

Does something like this exist?

diff  ($cat /etc/passwd) ($cut -f2/etc/passwd)
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    Of course, if one of the commands is really a cat with a single file argument, there's no obvious reason not to use that filename as one of the arguments to diff. – G-Man Sep 16 '14 at 16:03
  • same question on stackoverflow with 250+ votes:… – Trevor Boyd Smith Aug 1 '17 at 18:02
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Use process substitution:

diff <(cat /etc/passwd) <(cut -f2 /etc/passwd)

<(...) is called process substitution. It converts the output of a command into a file-like object that diff can read from.

While process substitution is not POSIX, it is supported by bash, ksh, and zsh.

Difference between 2 commands output :-

$ diff <(*command1*) <(*command2*)

Difference between command output and file :-

$ diff <(*command*) *filename*

Difference between 2 files :-

$ diff *file1 file2*

e.g. $ diff <(mount) <(cat /proc/mounts)

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