I have a few scripts that I constantly enter in input as below:

[support@ccfcore-3 exporttool]$ ./sendExamToRepo.sh
Enter the Study Instance UID:

The script itself uses a basic echo and read statement:

echo "Enter the Study Instance UID: "
read SUID

Is there a way I can save the input I enter into a sort of text file or into a buffer so that when I need to re-enter it, I don't have to constantly go through log files to copy the input again (I get the input from log files)?

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You can pipe it to stdin of the script:

echo 2.25.9847261 | ./sendExamToRepo.sh

Or redirect stdin to come from a file:

./sendExamToRepo.sh < SUID.txt
  • Perfect, the echo statement works good enough for me!! thanks
    – ryekayo
    Commented Sep 15, 2014 at 15:21

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