This is the script i want to be executed during RHEL booting. I want it to be run in runlevel 3 only.

And i want this script to be started as specific user, eg:appadmin

So, what's the recommended way of achieving this? I read lot of posts on this, and I am confused now.

Just creating a soft link for /apps/data/service/bin/startup.sh under /etc/init.d would be enough to start the script? Is my understanding right?

Since i want the script to be ran as specific user, should i create a file under init.d like below?

su appadmin -c "/apps/data/service/bin/startup.sh" 

and make it executable?


You should definitely look into /etc/init.d/functions. There is a nice function called daemon. It will run your program as specified user.


daemon --user=your_user /apps/data/service/bin/startup.sh &>/dev/null & ← or some logfile maybe…

Init script you can copy from some other service ;-)

HTH, Cheers

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