I am testing video hardware acceleration and I would like to know, where are settings of VLC-backend for phonon. Are changes made in VLC itself actual changes that are applied to the backend itself (which in turn should be system wide, not just for vlc)?

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I'm not that versed in Phonon etc. but from the looks of it VLC can either use Gstreamer or itself. I'm concluding this based on this forum post, titled: phonon-backend-gstreamer vs phonon-backend-vlc vs phonon-bac.


phonon-backend-gstreamer vs phonon-backend-vlc vs phonon-backend-xine

What are the advantages and disadvantages of phonon-backend-gstreamer, phonon-backend-vlc, and phonon-backend-xine. I was reading this and got curious.

There was a link within that thread to this page: https://community.kde.org/Phonon/FeatureMatrix which included the following matrix which might help you in deciding which to use.


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