After upgrading Debian Wheezy to Jessie, I experience some random unhiding behaviour of the bottom panel. It does not appear - as before - by moving the mouse into lower right corner. It seems it is showing up, when you move the mouse in the middle of the bottom... but only in 1 out of 15 cases...

  • How is the right way to unhide (is ticking enough or does keeping the mouse there for a few seconds help ... and where)?

  • Are there ways to change the behaviour?

Current Gnome version is 3.12


Moving mouse to bottom of the screen is usually enough to show bottom panel. Just move the mouse to bottom and a little bit more down ;) I know, sometimes it doesn't work for the first time. Second way is to use keyboard shortcut – windows key (left to the left alt) + m. Panel is not supposed to hide automatically, so clicking away from it's area or another wk+m will hide it.

  • wow! thx... hard to guess that mouse movement... :) – PythoNic Sep 12 '14 at 17:42

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