My OS is Scientific Linux 32 bit. I can only find plugins for 64bit. Is there a plugin for 32bit?

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    Red hat based systems mostly prefer 64bit. I don't think there are many 32 bit plugins for any Red Hat based OSes.
    – ryekayo
    Commented Sep 11, 2014 at 13:59

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Assuming you're talking about this BlueJeans, I would direct my question to their BlueJeans Community for confirmation as to whether there's a 32-bit plugin available for Linux.

Searching there I found a few tickets that related to 32-bit. The first one pertains to NPAPI Browser Plugin technology. Depending on whether BlueJean requires this or not, will be problematic if you're attempting to use Chrome. Chrome recently dropped support for NPAPI.

The other ticket, chrome plugin won't run on Chrome x64, makes me think that the plugin is actually 32-bit, and you might be running into some other issue.

One of BlueJean's employees replied as follows to the 32-bit/64-bit inquiry in that ticket:

Hi Margaret - I am sure you saw our Customer Success Engineer's response on the other thread but wanted to repost here just in case:

Hi Margaret,

Chrome x64 is on our dev teams radar. Please stay tuned on a supported date for this feature. I will also add you to the feature tracker request.

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