I tried hard but not able to give access of web directory to other user for FTP. Below are the directories which are under directory /var/www/html

1) nice_call
2) poor_call
3) great_call

/var/www/html is owned by apache user as well as all above mentioned directories is also owned by apache.

I just want to give read+write access to one more user named as ftp_user for directory poor_call not for other directories. I am also ready to give 777 access to directory poor_call to resolve this issue.

Please note that I am having root access to execute any command to resolve this issue.
It will be great if someone can help on it.parent-directory


Set up your user ftp_user so that they can FTP successfully into their home directory. Assuming you're using vsftp as your FTP server; you'll need the following as a minimum in your /etc/vsftpd.conf:


Within the user's home directory create a directory called (eg) poor_call.

Then, bind mount /var/www/poor_call onto this newly created directory:

# mount --bind /var/www/poor_call /home/ftp_user/poor_call

After running the above command, /var/www/poor_call becomes accessible from /home/ftp_user/poor_call.

Once you've confirmed that it works, add the following to your /etc/fstab to make the bind mount permanent over reboots:

/var/www/poor_call /home/ftp_user/poor_call none bind 0 0
  • Thanks its working fine and exactly the same which i was looking for. – prashant thakre Sep 9 '14 at 16:51

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