I test Multi Pointer X (MPX) and I read that there is Multi Pointer Window Manager (MPWM) which has additional fetures to support MPX. The problem is that I can not find MPWM. I googled it and there are only this and Mutli-Cursor Window Manager in the search results.

Where can I download MPWM?

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    I added the link to MPWM to the wikipedia page on MPX, I don't think it currently warrants a page on it own. – Anthon Sep 8 '14 at 8:44

I am not sure why your googling did not come up with this MPWM git repository, but that should help you on your way.

From the README there:

MPWM is the multi-pointer window manager, a MPX-aware window manager that
supports window operations from multiple devices.

MPWM is a proof-of-concept, not a real window manager. It's lacking most
features that you'd expect from a window manager so don't use it in
production. Or on your desktop. Or really anywhere.

It's also unmaintained, I just keep it here because the source can be of
value to someone.

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