I want to find a tar file which is presented in any directory and un-archive it in a one line command. I am able to find it separately from home directory. but only can extract it from directory where it is located. How can I do both in a single line using pipe?

find -name any.tar ; tar xf any.tar I tried with this.. I can able to find this any.tar file from any directory separately. And tar xf is also extracting the file sparately but only in the dir where any.tar is located. I want run both command in a single line which can find the any.tar and extract it when the command is compiled from home directory.

I am entirely new to Unix please help me out.Thank you.

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This might help

find ./ -name '*.tar' -exec sh -c 'dir=$(dirname "$0"); tar -xvf "${0}" -C "${dir}"; done' {} \;

From man page of tar

-C, --directory DIR
       change to directory DIR

I found this page searching for the same question, the suggestion didn't directly work for me, but tweaking it a little bit worked for my use case:

find . -name "*.tar" -exec sh -c 'tar xvf {} -C $(dirname {})' \;

First is find:

To find all tar files in a directory you will need find $directory -iname "*.tar" Note: -iname is a gnu extension, so if you are not using gnu you will have to do -name *.tar -o -name *.TAR this is almost equivalent.

Now to add your working tar command:

find $directory -iname "*.tar" -print0 | xargs -0 --max-args=1 tar xf

This will extract all the tar files into the current working directory.

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