I have two shell scripts namely test1.sh and test2.sh I have to call test2.sh from test1.sh For test1.sh I need to pass one parameter as a command line argument and for test2.sh I need to pass a parameter at the prompt.

Code sample:

$ cat test2.sh
echo "enter id value"
<br>read id
#do some processing here

How do I call test2.sh from test1.sh?

I can not edit test2.sh file here

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if test2.sh is in the same directory, it's as simple as

file: test1.sh

echo 5 | ./test2.sh

man read has the opening:

read -- read a line from standard input

perhaps you were just missing the dot slash ./, which is required for finding the script in the current directory. Alternatively, you can have your $PATH variable point to the folder containing test2.sh. Then ./ is not required.


in test1.sh

echo whatever | test2.sh

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