How can I use nmap to find out the utorrent version installed on a PC by scanning it from another PC on the same subnet?


Looking at the nmap-service-probes database, it looks like nmap can't detect which version of uTorrent is running.


uTorrent is able to randomise port, so using nmap to detect uTorrent can take long since you have to scan all tcp ports.

Regardless of this fact, nmap tells me : tcp open ssl/http uTtermiorrent utserver web interface

If I scan my uTorrent port using -sV option (version detection). It returns nothings. If you connect using netcat (nc, ncat, socat), there is nothing being returned either when probing for the protocol. (beside a "invalid request")

So unless you manage to find a fingerprint (a output on a connection to utorrent port), you are not gonna figure which version of uTorrent is being used. I think this is not feasible using network probes :-?

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