I run screen command through cron, where the codes is in lorem.sh files.

This is cron codes: * * * * * cd /home/z; ./lorem.sh

Inside lorem.sh:

screen -S screenname -X stuff $'\033[B'
sleep 1 && screen -S screenname -X stuff 2
sleep 1 && screen -S screenname -X stuff "lorem ipsum dolor"
sleep 1 && screen -S screenname -X stuff $'\n'

Above lorem.sh codes: First line is "Arrow down", and forth line is "Enter"

When running lorem.sh through cron, only second & third line working.

Above lorem.sh works fine if run from terminal by typing ./lorem.sh but not working from cron

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    cron may be using /bin/sh as your shell instead of your usual shell (which is likely bash), and on some systems /bin/sh doesn't know about '$' in front of strings. If you edit lorem.sh to have #!/bin/bash as its first line, does it work? – Mark Plotnick Sep 2 '14 at 16:34
  • It working now. – apasajja Sep 4 '14 at 1:26

Most versions of cron run commands using /bin/sh by default, and if the commands run any shell scripts (that don't have a #! line to force use of a specific shell), /bin/sh will be used to run them, too.

On some systems, /bin/sh is dash, a shell that doesn't understand the ANSI-C quoting convention used by bash and other shells. So your $'\n' string is probably getting interpreted as the 3-character string $\n.

Most versions of cron will let you specify a shell to run your commands. You can have it use bash by editing your crontab to add a line


that comes before any lines that schedule jobs.

Alternatively, you can make lorem.sh always use bash by adding


as its first line.

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