I have installed a cms (modx) on a webserver running CentOS 5 and Apache 2.2. Now there is a new version and I would like to update it. The instructions in the modx-wiki suggest to overwrite the existing files.

I've downloaded a .zip-File and extracted it. The existing installation sits in html/cms/. The new files sit in html/modx-2.1.1-pl/. I access the server through an ssh connection.

How do I move the new files to html/cms/ while overwriting existing files and preserving files that are not part of the installation files? I already tried the mv-command and read that rsync or cp might be suitable.

When I tried mv -ivt cms/ modx-2.1.1-pl/* it didn't work out. Subdirectories of modx-2.1.1-pl/ haven't been moved.

How to do it right?


First, make a backup of the existing files, just in case.

tar czf modx-old.tar.gz html/cms

Then use cp to copy the new files into place. You can't use mv here because it would just skip existing directories instead of recursing into them. But cp will do a deep copy, overwriting any existing file in the destination.

cd html/modx-2.1.1-pl/ && cp -Rpf . ../html/cms/

With GNU cp, you can add -l to create hard links instead of copying.

Finally you can remove the modx-2.1.1-pl directory.

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    Actually cp would work just fine for this. cp -r html/modx-2.1.1-p1/. html/cms/ (-a instead of -r would probably be even better though). – Patrick Jun 20 '11 at 23:38
  • @Patrick: Ah, you're right. mv isn't suitable, but cp is. – Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' Jun 20 '11 at 23:44
  • Thank you for your help @Gilles and @Peter. It worked for me with cp -Rpv html/modx-2.1.1-pl/* html/cms/. I used the * because I needed all the files under modx-2.1.1-pl under cms. – haldgreen Jun 21 '11 at 16:59

You just have the order of the arguments wrong. The usage of the mv command is mv source dest. If you want to move everything under modx-2.1.1-pl to cms, you should do mv modx-2.1.1-pl/* cms/. It may actually be better to use cp instead of mv, in which case the syntax would be cp -r modx-2.1.10pl/* cms/.

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