I am using Linux Mint 14 XFCE. I am trying to remove the default XFCE window manager shortcuts for workspace switching (Ctrl-F1, Ctrl-F2, etc.), as described in this question.

The answers there don't have any effect for me. If I go into Settings->Window Manger->Keyboard, nothing I do has any effect. If I click on a setting and hit "Clear", the setting stays there unchanged. If I double-click on a setting and choose a new shortcut key, the original settings stays there unchanged. If I go into Settings Editor (as described in the other answer to that question) and attempt to reset the settings there, nothing has any effect still.

What is going on? How can I get XFCE to let me change the keyboard shortcut settings?

  • This link could be a good start point for a solution.Take a look at "Keyboard" section Sep 1, 2014 at 11:41
  • @MickyInTheSky: That page says "The shortcuts to handle the window manager are defined in the Settings Manager > Window Manager Settings > Keyboard." That's what I'm already using, but it has no effect. It also says something about a "default theme" and creating a new theme, but my settings manager doesn't have any such thing (there is only the list of shortcuts, no way to create a new theme).
    – BrenBarn
    Sep 1, 2014 at 17:56
  • It is a strange behavior. I'm using linux Mint 13 and I 'm able to manage the shortcuts with the command line: xfce4-keyboard-settings Sep 2, 2014 at 10:38

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I had the same issue in mint 17 xfce (with both wm shortcuts like Ctrl-F1 and keyboard shortcuts like Alt-F2). I don't like the way how I fixed it but I could not find a better solution. First, I searched for all keyboard configuration files:

$ locate xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml

Then I removed the file from home, did copies of system files and removed all shortcuts which I wanted to free in both system files. After reboot these shortcuts finally gone.

  • Instead of removing the ~/.config file, I suggest just deleting its contents, but leave it behind. (It got recreated on next login when I deleted the whole file.) Jun 25, 2017 at 10:52

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