When a page does not exist.. this is what
I see on the web :

Not Found

The requested URL /test was not found on this server.

I know about :

ErrorDocument 404 /test.html

but I rather not use that. I rather find where this above is originating from.. and modify that directly.

perhaps it would be faster + more efficient this way. given that it would be a more "direct" dealing. (transaction )


It'd appear you're looking for modules/http/http_protocol.c in the Apache source code. See, for example, get_canned_error_string(). (NOTE: This is from a quick glance, I did not investigate the source in depth or build/test Apache with modified error messages.)

But really, there is nothing particularly inefficient or slow about using ErrorDocument, especially since errors should not be on the "hot path". (That is, the vast majority of requests to your server should not result in errors).

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