I know this has already been asked so many times, but even after searching, I still can't do it.

I simply want to map R_Shift + WASD to the arrow keys (Linux). I can map Shift + WASD to arrows using xmodmap, however, I want only the right shift to have this functionality (while disabling text selection when using R_Shift).

(I have read the xmodmap wiki but can't really understand the way to make this possible.)


After countless minutes of testing, I finally found what I needed.

You need to create an .Xmodmap with the following contents:

keycode 62 = Mode_switch
keysym a = a A Left
keysym d = d D Right
keysym s = s S Down
keysym w = w W Up

62 is the key code of R_Shift.

It works perfectly.

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