[root@localhost ~]# service vncserver restart
Shutting down VNC server: 11:SXYZ 12:DXYZ 13:FXYZ  [FAILED]
Starting VNC server: 11:SXYZ A VNC server is already running as :11
[root@localhost ~]# vncserver -list

TigerVNC server sessions:

[root@localhost ~]# vncserver :11
A VNC server is already running as :11
[root@localhost ~]# vncserver -kill :11

Can't find file /root/.vnc/localhost.localdomain:11.pid
You'll have to kill the Xvnc process manually

I have Centos 6.4, I'm accessing it through its xrdp (Version 0.5.0) and Xvnc TigerVNC 1.1.0 services.

I can connect without any problem with user SXYZ, only that I don't understand why is this, and it isn't nice looking... The :11 is not used that is for sure, as I just modified vncserver file to go for displays 11,12,13 instead of 1,2,3.

Any ideas?

  • I guess somehow the start-scripts failed to create the .pid files (This mean they can not shutdown properly). Check if the user that try to create them have enough right and that the directory exists. – Sir l33tname Aug 28 '14 at 8:47
  • Please specify the directory to check and the rights that a user should have. I created the 3 users the same way... No pid files inside $USER/.vnc, the folder looks the same for all 3 users, its permissions seems to be fine as well. – obeliksz Aug 28 '14 at 9:01
  • You should check /root/.vnc/ my best guess is that you should run vncpasswd for each user you need to login to vnc wiki.centos.org/HowTos/… – Sir l33tname Aug 28 '14 at 9:08
  • To reset the password? I have already added vncpasswd for the user, and I can log in with the user and that password without any problem. – obeliksz Aug 28 '14 at 9:13
  • check the parent of that process. – Thushi Aug 28 '14 at 10:05

The error message just disappeared after a weekend... :) What I did in between was just a lot of xrdp and vncserver service restarts, I have deleted all the sockets from /tmp/.X11-unix/. I modified the /etc/xrdp/sesman.ini with the followings:


After some time I got xrdp_mm_process_login_response: login failed when I tried to log in with a valid user so set the next two lines and verified that the xrdp user is in the user group of sesman.ini. Now everything seems to be just fine.

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